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Our Team

Austin Sabado

Director of Photography

Coming from the world of travel photography, Austin Sabado was introduced to cinematography when the opportunity came to work on commerical / narrative projects. He fell in love with cinematography due to the fact of combining motion and emotion to deliver messages and or tell stories. He enjoys being a fulltime freelance Director of Photography and strives to bring his skilled craft and workmanship to the table.

Mitchell Griffith

Director of Content Development

From a relatively young age, Mitchell has believed that words are fun toys that can be used to communicate fun ideas - because an old book made up of fun words and fun ideas told him so. He enjoys finding the write story, words, and ideas for clients. Above all else, he enjoys describing himself in third person, "breaking the fourth wall," and french fries.

Benny Oliveri

Live Action Editor

Benny is a graduate from Full Sail University where he studied Film and Video production. Whether he is editing a feature film, wedding, or corporate video, Benny is always trying to make the viewer “feel” something through his edits. When he’s not in front of the computer for hours on end Benny enjoys watching every movie that comes into theaters and is a big fan of the English Premiere League. (Go Chelsea!)

Andrew Schundler


Andrew Schundler is a LA-based colorist. Andrew has had the opportunity to work across each medium of film, working on narrative, commercial, and virtual reality projects. For him, color grading is an incredible opportunity to help shape a story and take a film from 99% to 100%. As Pablo Picasso said, “Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this?” Outside of work you will find him trying a new coffee shop, at the movies, or eating a chocolate-chip cookie.

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